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6 Reasons Why There Is Delay In Your Renovation Work

It takes a lot of effort and thoroughness put in by a homeowner as well as a hired professional to plan and provide good home renovation ideas for a home renovation. Homeowners should be careful and persistent during home renovation project for its completion within a given budget in a given amount of time.

Home renovation works are delayed by 4-5 days or even more, in a lot of cases, due to late payments, delay in supply of material, etc. There can be other such reasons too.

Reasons for Delay in Work

1. POP

Builders usually have tie-ups with many vendors for material like POP, cement, etc. If a wall has to be redone for renovation, the material used by the contractor may not be the same as the one used by the builder. If such a condition arises, the wall may not have a good finish or hold the POP. The contractor will need to know what material has been used initially, which may cause some delay.

2. Civil work or Flooring

There is usually a 2-3- inches layer for flooring. But if there is any clout under it, then according to home renovation ideas, PCC (plain cement concrete) should be done before starting with any other flooring work. PCC provides a non-porous, firm and a level space for laying RCC (reinforced cement concrete).

3. Electrical work

A lot of times, electrical work is started later, especially after the wall is finished. But sometimes electrician may find a reason to change the wiring needs to be changed. This will delay the renovation work by 4-5 days. Also, during electric work, the main switch of the house is switched off, which in turn delays other work like cutting or drying.

4. A.C pipe

Although concealed wiring is much preferred nowadays, and is neat in appearance, the entire wiring has to be redone if there is a gas leak problem in the A.C.

5. Carpenter

When the carpenter drills the water pipe in the bathroom, then the entire council pipe line has to be broken and fitted again for the purpose. If there is any seepage in the W.C Flush tank or anywhere else in the bathroom, the waterproofing is necessary.

6. Plumbing

For buildings with old water systems, there can be delay in the renovation. In earlier buildings, there was only 1 ball cork provided on the terrace or outside the building wall to stop the water flow. In such buildings, the water flow to that particular apartment will be stopped, which in turn will stop other renovation work where use of water is a requirement, causing further delay.

Best home renovation ideas mention contractors to always keep 2-3 days spare to overcome any such issues.
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