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A basic guide to textured painting

The smartest way of home remodelling is to paint it; rather texture paint it. Texture paint highlights the wall and is usually opted to create an illusion behind your TV units in the living rooms, bed heads in bedrooms or to bring to attention a photo frame on a particular wall. Also, to cover up many time-worn and damaged surfaces, textured painting is the best choice.

The paint used for textured walls is unique; it is water based paint, and yet it can be cleaned with water. Unlike velvet paint which too is water based but cannot be cleaned with a wet cloth, textured paint is cleanable making it a special type of paint.

There are numerous styles and patterns that can be given to a wall using textured paint;

All of these style variations are made using different types of rollers, brushes, tools, and it also differs from one painter to another. Sometimes even hand treatment is given to create a textured wall effect while remodelling your home. Some tools and techniques used for textured painting are combing method to give waves and wavy lines, smoothing for a marbled effect, etc.

The paint used for texturing the wall is called two-tone paint.

If one opts for a texture painted wall during home remodelling, it will cost more than normal painting. For example- if the rates for lustre painting in Mumbai are Rs 30 to Rs 35 per sq. ft. then the rates of textured painting will be Rs 100 to Rs 170 per sq. ft., including prices for labour and all material expenses.

The rate of textured painting is at least three times costlier than that of normal painting.
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