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A Complete Guideline to Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation has always been an exhilarating task. Even though it is the smallest room in the house, yet renovating it can be complex and tricky. Homeowners often assume that bathrooms being the smallest room, their renovation can be completed in few days’ time. But this is often not the case.

Bathroom, be it large or a small, goes through same steps of renovation as the other rooms in the house. The key to a good bathroom renovation depends on discussions, planning and proper purchasing apart from dedicating a good amount of time to the project.

Before renovating the bathrooms, the homeowners and the designer must discuss if the existing doors, windows and bathroom fittings need to be changed. If the entire room needs to be restructured or if just a few alterations will do the trick. Plumbing and electric wiring changes too need to be considered. And most importantly, the amount of money that the homeowner is willing to spend on the renovation.

Renovation of the bathroom is a step wise process

The first step is the breaking work that takes almost three days. Breaking includes breaking bathroom flooring, wall tiles and accessories, if needed. Once the breaking work is done, wall and floor plastering work starts. Plastering work is completed in one day's time. Plastering is done to walls and flooring and the ceiling too. In the next two days, plumbing work is completed. Once the plumbing work is over, waterproofing is done. Waterproofing is the most essential in work in bathrooms to avoid any future water seepage issues.

Waterproofing takes about two days

It is only after waterproofing process is over, that the wall tiles and floor tiles are fitted. Fitting tiles take almost four days’ time. After the tiling work, granite framing for doors and windows are done. This process takes about a day or two. After this aluminum louvers are fitted in windows. Louvers are window blind or shutter with horizontal slats that are angled to allow light and clean air and also to keep out rain. The angles of the slats are adjustable. Fitting these Louvers takes an entire day. An electrician will take a day's time to do all the necessary light fittings and wiring changes.

Lastly, the bathrooms are cleaned up and it takes almost two days to get the bathrooms working

A professional will take about three weeks to renovate a standard bathroom. But for more luxurious and stylish bathrooms with fancy false ceiling, indirect lights and fancy furniture it may take up to a month's time for the bathrooms to be redesigned.

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