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A Detailed Comparison Between Solid surface, Lamination and Veneer.

Veneer is one of the finest materials used for house remodelling. With every passing year, more and more people are becoming aware of Corian (solid surfaces) and its demand is increasing day by day. Previously, people were only looking for ‘decor-finish’ and solid surface countertops. But with time, this has changed. Instead of making a small wooden box and applying laminate or veneer finish after that, furniture, nowadays, is being made with acrylic solid surfaces.

Acrylic solid surfaces used for home remodelling, bend easily and don’t have any joint. They have covered edges which make them all the more convenient for home remodelling purposes. Choice of design and concept varies from person to person.

Lamination is pretty time consuming and one has to be very careful with it otherwise it will end up having a yellowish patch. The use of lamination is banned in some countries because of its harmful impact on the environment.

Lamination has a strong odour, which often lasts for a couple of weeks, which is nauseating.

Solid surfaces (Corian) do not have this kind of pungent smell and produces a little dust which makes it superior to lamination. Acrylic solid surfaces are very much hygienic. It takes a time span of 6-8 months to laminate an area of 300 to 400 square feet. It takes a time span of 15 days to laminate an area of 300 to 400 square feet. If a veneer cracks, it can not be fixed easily.

One has to break the whole thing and re-do it from the beginning. Solid surfaces do not have this disadvantage. It’s easy to give it a new look and if you want you can also go for a completely new one, though it is not required. Some people prefer changing it in every couple of years. But that is a waste of money and time. The shelf is kept intact, but the top is altered.

The person responsible for fabrication can charge a bit extra money and he will replace the old stone with the new.
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