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Addition of New Electrical Point at Home

It is a tedious task to add switch points once the concealed wiring has been done. A homeowner from Delhi had the following queries:

“There’s concealed wiring done for my 1BHK apartment in Malviya Nagar. I want to have an additional switch point in each room, can it be easily done?”

Adding switches after the concealed wiring is completely done is a laborious task. Completely done in the sense that all the POP work on the wall, painting of the wall/ house is done.

It is very likely that no homeowners would like to spoil the wall after it has been recently done because:

  1. Spending more money on the wires and the painting of the wall which has recently been painted is not everyone’s cup of tea.

  2. It is pointless for the home owners to go through the same renovation again only for a switch point.

“So you mean to say that once concealed wiring is done, no additions can be made.”

It is not completely impossible. For installing a new switch and doing the wiring, it is very important that the electrician should be skilled and knows how the work is to be done and what wire needs to be pulled from which place. It is always a better idea to hire a professional electrician as he knows how to work and will not mix up the wiring in residential interior designs.

In occasional cases, it is impossible to pull wires and adding more to them. However, there are a few wirings that the homeowners prefer not to be concealed such as of TV-set up boxes. Tata sky, Hathway, Dish TV etc are set up boxes that home owners buy according to their wish and prefer unconcealed wiring for them. Therefore, it is easier for the electricians to pull wires from hidden wiring to hide them. However, it is extremely important to join the wires carefully so that they do not get interchanged and if this happens then there will be a lot of disturbance observed in telephone and TV.

A Casing Patti is used to hide the wires when the wiring is done after a certain limit of the concealed wiring. It is very slender and is made up of PVC. Walls where Casing Patti can be done are not broken and damaged.

“What do you mean by pulling wire from one end? How is it done?”

If the wire gets burned or damaged in concealed wiring, it is pulled from either the socket end or the wire distribution end. Before pulling the wire it is checked that the wire can be pulled or not. If it can be pulled then a new wire is attached to it at one end and pulled till the old wire is completely removed. Thus, the new wire gets installed without damaging anything.

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