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All You Need To Know About False Ceiling

Are you planning to instal false ceiling? Do you already have it? Are you confused about its maintenance? Are you confused about installing it or not? Have you put up LED lights but those messy wires are just too embarrassing? Does your ceiling leaks?

Then my dear friends, you most probably have landed up at the right place.

Let's first know what exactly is the false ceiling?

So basically, you have a ceiling that you have seen since childhood. But the trend today is to have another ceiling below your original ceiling that seems to hang, in the air. Sometimes, people confuse this characteristic with misnomer 'Fall Ceiling' , which is quite funny.

So to everybody out there, who till now think that they have a "fall ceiling" at their place, it's actually FALSE CEILING.


Some people think it's just a show off, which it actually has become today but originally it was invented to solve multiple purposes. We are pretty sure you wanna know them.

You have air conditioning ducts attached to your ceiling and it looks odd when guests come over, that even sometimes ruins your kitty parties with those sarcastic comments. Yeah! We understand your pain. Your rescue? Undoubtedly, you need a false ceiling.

You run shop? Or maybe a shopping complex? According to law, you must be having a fire extinguishing system attached to the roof. We are sure you are respecting that law. By default, we consider all are readers innocent and law abiding. SO, coming back to my point, those red pipes hanging from the roof may be the reason for why you are getting less customers. I mean, maybe? Well if that's the reason we have a solution for this. Wanna know? FALSE CEILING. Quite unpredictable, no? Trust us, once you have them over, it will become your new favourite.

So friends, you want to hide things on your ceiling or if you want to make your place looks sophisticated, false ceiling is just the best thing in vogue today.


If you have a living room with a lot of height, that looks good. But unfortunately, that is just not the case with your bedroom. People usually prefer low height bedrooms. Here the false ceiling becomes a perfect partner for your preferences.

Switch ON your television and it will be flooded with advertisements of electricity saving appliances. You must be thinking that what's the connection? Guess what? False ceiling has a role here too. Installing false ceiling helps to reduce your electricity bill. Interesting, no?

Still confused? You can't be. Nobody can tell you all this better than us.

You must nodding in agreement. So go grab your falseceiling.

Happy Housing !

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