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All You Need To Know About Hardwood Flooring

Flooring is done by the hardwood that is made of solid wood. A single piece of timber is broken down to form wooden slabs for flooring.

Hardwood is not used in the same way today as it was used originally due to the establishment of concrete as sub-floors. Earlier they were used for structural purposes, fitted vertical to the wooden support.

The major drawback of hardwood is that it is expensive as it is a natural source and does not have a variety of designs to choose from. On the other hand, laminate flooring and engineered wood offer a wide range of designs to choose from for house renovation.

Hardwood (solid wood) or Laminate Flooring - Which is Better?

Like everything in this world, both hardwood and laminate flooring have their advantages and disadvantages.

Reliability: Laminate flooring is stronger and can resist scratches better than hardwood as it is made from pressed wood. Hardwood gets damaged due to moisture and gets scratches where there are a lot of people.

Looks: Hardwood is a real beauty. Nothing can match it up. Laminate flooring is nothing compared to the hardwood or solid wood.

Places, where there is a lot of sunlight, hardwood flooring for house renovation, should be avoided there as it fades their elegance. Unlike hardwood laminate flooring comes with a UV protection layer and can resist sunlight for a longer time.

Price: Hardwood is lavish and exclusive as it is a natural beauty and enhances house renovation whereas laminate flooring is composite wood pressed together making it much cheaper and even simple to fix.

Improvements: it is harder to repair laminate flooring than hardwood as hardwood can be repaired by smoothening the faults, stains and can be reconstructed. If one does not have spare laminate flooring plank, it is near impossible to find a new identical one.

Hardwood can be smoothened quickly, and even the scratches can be removed and therefore have a thicker wear surface. In present, we can find homes that have original hardwood floors.
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