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All You Need To Know About Italian Marble & Stains

Italian marble, an essential part of an interior renovation and home design, is a natural object. Its properties are porosity and absorption.

Statuario marble, of high quality, has a price range of twenty thousand to thirty-five thousand rupees. As its porosity value is less, it will absorb stains more efficiently. It is a bit expensive but totally worth the money.

A special procedure is applied to eliminate any chance of getting stains. Before laying the marbles for interior home design, all the six sides of the marble are coated with a chemical that not only increases the marble’s longevity but also makes it glossier.

This special coating helps in avoiding stains. It lasts for at least seven years.

After laying the marble on the floor a second coating is applied for extra protection, so not to hamper your interior home design. It is rechecked, and oil is wiped off before adding the chemical on the marbles. It is advisable to immediately wipe off tea or turmeric if it got smeared on the floor unintentionally. Even though the coating is there to protect your floor, don’t take any chances.

During a renovation, a chemical called Black Jack is used by the carpenter. It is a special type of oil that is normally applied on wooden furniture. Be careful so not to spill this oil on the floor as this might cause hideous stains on the floor.

Cover your floors before renovating your home.

You need to scrub at least ten times to clean an Italian marble properly.

Some stains are not easily removable. It is expensive and hence one must be careful while handling it. Indian marble, although much cheaper, can never match up to the efficiency and perfection of Italian marble. Italian marble is way prettier and has a beautiful glow, unlike Indian marbles. Also, in terms of longevity, Italian marbles outdo the Indian ones. Italian marbles do not wear off when exposed to harmful chemicals, unlike its Indian counterparts.

Above all, a wide range of Italian marble is available in the market, in contrast to the Indian ones which comparatively has fewer variety.

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