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Are Corian & Solid Surface, The Same Thing?

Solid surface is a high-quality building material that is also known as Corian. Corian is a brand named coined by an American home renovation company, Dupont.

Dupont introduced acrylic solid surface material to the market. They had patented Corian and for almost 15 years and thus no other home renovation company was permitted to make solid surface materials.

Today these two terms have become interchangeable and your designer while saying Corian could mean the regular solid surface material. Acrylic solid surface is the solid surface material that can bend.

Corian, LG solid surface, Tristone Solid Surface are the popular choices in solid surface materials.

Home renovation companies in India introduced solid surface some 15 years ago, but solid surfaces were only installed for extremely high profile projects.

Corian is predicted to get more popular with designers, but the prices may not go down any further from what it already is, at least for quality products. Bathroom cabinets and surfaces are preferred to be made of Corian because they are easier to clean and maintain than say, plywood or laminated wood.

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