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Awesome Suggestions For Somebody Renovating Their Kitchen and Bathroom

Renovation of a home can be a testing time for the homeowners, with them worrying about which brand to trust, the cost, and the overall outcome of their efforts. Taking suggestions from anybody, making decisions over and over again, changing minds often- all these are a part of a home renovation. We would like to help our customers out by suggesting some pointers for their kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Basic bathroom accessories

It include tiles, glass, cabinets and shelves, mirrors, sanitary hardware, towel rods and hooks, amongst other things. We recommend people to use such hardware from top brands to ensure longevity and the highest utility.

Jaquar, Cera, Grohe are just a few among the best sanitary hardware companies in India.

For those who would like to opt for a lesser price range, we recommend the ‘starting range’ of branded bathroom fittings. They would ensure economic as well as good quality service. Branded fittings would become more costly if a customer opts for fittings on the steeper side. The ‘starting range’ of Jaquar is a must try as it’s worth every penny. For any good brand, the price range for typical fittings would start around Rs 800 and can stretch up to Rs 30,000.

We would also suggest that homeowners check whether their store from where they would buy could get them a 7 years warranty.

For renovation of kitchens

Homeowners should go for plans that include all the main kitchen components like taps, sink, napkin hanging rods, chimney, and plug points for the electric switches of the mixer, the micro-oven and the refrigerator, amongst other things. We have observed that nowadays homeowners install two taps in their kitchen. They might be for the purpose of serving hot water and cold water, or even one tap for tank water and the other tap for drinking water (for instance, BMC water in Mumbai).

There are many brands which have become a household name and ensure efficient and long-lasting products. The cost range for a kitchen renovation would be around Rs 20,000- Rs 60,000 depending on what a homeowner chooses.

Happy Renovation to you!
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