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Bathroom renovation in small budget

In this article, we will show how homeowners can renovate their bathrooms in a tiny budget and expound how and where a homeowner can save more money.

Firstly we will suggest you chalk out a plan about where you want to install the tiles. Instead of flaking the entire wall, it will be better if you get flaking done where you have planned to fix the tiles. Cement and plaster the rest of the wall. Instead of spending fifty rupees per tile, homeowners can go for simpler tiles available at an average price of forty rupees per tile.

Instead of using costly diverters and shower panels, you can go for wall mixers. These are in vogue nowadays and are easily available in the market. You can buy cheaper WCs at an average price of twenty-six thousand rupees.

To save money, you can buy cheaper wash basins at an average price of eleven hundred rupees.

Buy non-branded bathroom accessories as they are not much different from the branded ones and are way cheaper than the latter. You won’t need to change the pipes and your entire drainage system. Generally, GI pipes are used for plumbing. After a certain period, GI pipes get damaged. Bathrooms usually need renovation after 10-12 years and hence the pipes are to be changed as well.

To sum it up, homeowners can buy similar looking less expensive non-branded bathroom accessories instead of expensive branded ones.
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