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Best Way To Get Interior Design For 1BHK Flat

Interior design is not limited to your house being vaastu compliant. It involves several key aspects of your house, such as the floor, carpets, tiles, taps and showers, showpieces, even something as basic as your door. It does not matter whether your house is a 1BHK (Bedroom, hall, kitchen) or a ten-bedroom mansion, the amount of care that needs to be put in remains the same.

Perhaps the biggest question this poses to a homeowner is about hiring an interior designer. If all kinds of interior design take so much consideration, should you hire one? There is no correct way to answer this. If you know enough about interior design, and if you think you can do it without someone’s help, by all means, there is no harm in designing your house’s interiors yourself.

As long as you know the places you will be getting your supply from, you’re good to go.

However, it is also good to look at experienced personnel for guidance.

An architect will probably know better in optimising the space for a smaller house than someone inexperienced in the field.

He or she will know where to place your bed so it takes minimum space, and where to have a window such that it gives just the right amount of sunlight to make it warm but not hot. They have learned from previous mistakes, and thus will be better equipped in telling you about problems you may face for years after the house is made.

There may be a small hole in your pocket for hiring an interior designer, but it shows its value in the longer run when you save one reconstructions, renovations, and more labour.
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