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Buying A Chandelier? You Must Read This

Not a long time back we accompanied a homeowner to a light shop to assist him to buy a chandelier for his home. The shopkeeper who was quite friendly and helpful shared information about chandeliers.

As per what he mentioned, Chandelier is meant for the purpose of giving an elegant and extravagant look to the house and was used as an ornate in the beginning. It fits perfectly in the modern interior design. In the modern age chandeliers is an inclination many homeowners bend to. It is much visible that China is the king of the wholesale market for most of the lighting products and owns 80% of today’s market.

The Chinese products sold in Indian market do not have a stable MRP. The prices of these products are not standardised and vary from shop to shop.

For e.g. the first shopkeeper may sell a chandelier for Rs 5000 and the second shop owner may sell the same chandelier for Rs 4500. He can also sell it for more money. Therefore, the homeowners are suggested to bargain or a better option is to go to a wholesale

market from where he can get the same piece for half the price than the local dealers.

Distinction Between Branded and China Made Chandeliers

Besides the China made chandeliers, branded chandeliers are also available in the market. Brands like Philips, Usha and Massive (German company) manufactures good quality elegant chandeliers that are widely used in home interior decoration. The company Massive has now been taken over by Philips. The chandeliers produced by these companies are lavish, elegant and extravagant and are suggested to homeowners by best interior designers. Moreover, these companies give all product specifications like size, dimension, quality, the material used, etc.

Besides this, the branded chandeliers come with a fixed MRP unlike the China made chandeliers. A shopkeeper or a dealer sells China-made or imported chandeliers at any price he wants to. For e.g. he may sell a chandelier at Rs 5000 to a middle-class person but may offer the same chandelier to a rich man at Rs 10000 or more.

However, it’s not the same with branded chandelier. It has a fixed MRP all over India.

Personalised Chandeliers

Few out of many homeowners look up for personalised chandeliers. There are only 2 cases in which the homeowners are given personalised chandeliers. Firstly, when the order is more than 50 pieces(approx). Secondly, when there are small changes required in the existing chandeliers.

It is suggested to go to a renowned shop owner if the homeowner wants personalised chandeliers.
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