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Buying Italian marble: Slabs vs. Block

Italian marble is available for sale in the market in two different types– either complete block or slabs. Best interior designers mostly buy blocks of Italian Marble.

Buying an Italian Marble should be left to the professionals and homeowner need not worry about the technical details.

Suppliers import blocks from Italy and different parts of the world and then the blocks are cut and polished here in India. The quality of the marble can be determined once it is cut open.

If everything is alright, these slabs are then made available for sale in the market.

Buying a block of marble from the source country is way cheaper than buying the same quality marble from some other place. But the dealers and the best interior designers must be aware of the best price to buy the marble and must have a sound knowledge regarding the qualities of the marbles. Moreover, the dealer must also have the license to import the marble and possess world class technology for cutting and polishing the marble blocks.

Therefore as homeowners, it is always advisable to buy marble slabs instead of marble blocks.

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