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Can I use wallpaper on painted walls?

Renovating an old house is a lot of hassle but don’t worry we are here to help you out! Wallpapers are in high demand nowadays, for old home renovation as they are comparatively cheaper and trendier than paint.

One of the primary concerns while renovating an old house is:

Will a wallpaper adhere to a wall, covered with paint (that was applied some years back)? Does one need to reapply the paint before covering the walls with wallpaper? And what does one need to do if the paint has peeled off from some places? These questions often hover our minds when it comes to home renovation and applying wallpapers.

The thing is before your wall was painted, a coating of primer was applied. Primer plays a pivotal role when painting a house is concerned. It not only provides a solid base for the paint but also increases its longevity. Apply a layer of primer on the areas, where the paint has peeled off. And that’s all you need to do before covering your walls with wallpaper. Make sure that your primer is a reputed brand so not to compromise with your renovation plans. Renovating an old house becomes a lot easier if there is a fine coating of primer beneath the layers of paint.

So, if you don’t have one, before sticking wallpapers, it’s critical to apply primer on your walls.

Another common concern of people with old home renovation is:

Can one stick wallpaper to a wall covered with luster or glossy or oil or plastic paint? You have nothing to worry about the texture of the paint as wallpapers can be applied on any wall, easily. The quality of the paint has nothing to do with the application of wallpapers. But make sure that your walls have a coating of primer underneath the paint. The coating of primer not only serves as a foundation for the paint but also for your wallpapers. To sum it up, the primer will provide the backbone for your wallpapers. It does not allow the wallpapers to absorb water and this unique attribute strengthens the durability of the wallpapers.

So, what are you waiting for?
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