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Causes of Washroom Emission from the Upper Floor

There are several factors that leads to emissions from the bathroom such as damaged walls, mildew growth and many more. Prior to renovation, it is very essential to find out the cause for it.

Cause 1

The bathrooms on the second story or the bathrooms of the people living next door, mostly face problems due to water supply line or have problems in bathroom fittings such as faucets or drains. The first instinct of the upper neighbour is to find the reason for emission and if it is due to water supply line/ drain line, fix it instantly. The flooring will have to be mandatorily renovated because it can damage the tiles causing breakage or cracking.

Waterproofing must be done while installing the new laminate flooring and after it is done the homeowners can be tension free for 4-5 years or more.

Process of Waterproofing in Existing Bathrooms

  • The old tiles are first removed by breaking them and smoothing the floor to make it waterproof.

  • The chemical used for waterproofing is an imported chemical and is drizzled on the top and mainly on their joints.

  • The chemical is splashed twice but the direction of second coat is different to the direction of first coat i.e. if first coat is applied vertically then second coat is applied horizontally.

Cause 2

If the spot caused by water comes back again and again there is a 99% probability that the drainage pipe is trickling. “Nani trap” or the “Nahani trap” not being attached perfectly is the main cause of spilling. A small hole from where water moves outside the washroom is known as a trap. It is a fitting inside this outlet. Experts know the importance of fitting this trap with small pipe for extra safety. It is widely known as “Vata”.

Vata is a cheap pipe, costing around Rs 50-100, but in future can save 1000s of rupees. However, it is ignored by most of the workers.

For the purpose of draining S-Trap and P-Trap are used. The pipe to be used depends on the space that is available to them. Also, the pipe running through the Nani trap has an extra pipe inside.

Cause 3

The cause of spillage can be rotting of the fixture which needs to be changed as soon as possible. It is quite possible that the fitting between water supply line and the fixture is loose which can be easily settled by binding the fixtures.

Thus, it is extremely necessary to know the causes behind spilling. The traps are also replaced along with the flooring of the bathrooms.

However, such problems are not seen, if CPVC pipes are used for water supply and drainage system.
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