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Difference in Interior Design For 1 BHK and 2BHK?

We often get emails and queries for the interior design of 1BHK and 2BHKs. Home decoration in such flats is tougher than home decoration in say, a six-bedroom mansion, for in the latter the owner can easily afford an interior designer to do all the work, but owners of one or two BHKs work on a budget.

Therefore, we would like to answer all the queries of such people.

I asked one of our Expert Contractor Partner about “How is Home renovation or Interior Design different for 2 BHK compared to 1BHK” and here is what he had to share:

Home renovation and interior design for a 1BHK itself is very different from home renovation and interior design for a 2BHK. Even the same contractor will use different techniques for interior design in the two houses. This is because in 2BHKs, one room is for the parents while the other is for the children,

The child’s room is designed accordingly.

The colours of this room, the tiles of this bathroom, even the furniture, may have differently coloured laminates. In the bathroom, you may put a small bathtub instead of a shower, a baby commode if your baby is small, and even your dressing table may be differently designed.

Moreover, the average cost per square feet also differs largely in one and two BHKs. Some things cost more than the others, and some rooms take up more articles than the others. Your bathroom and kitchen, for example, may be smaller than your bedroom but will require far more articles than it since they are much, much more significant. The cost of plumbing in these areas also adds to the total.

If you are looking for a budgeted renovation, it can be done even with the presence of another room as the average cost per square feet decreases.
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