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Different Kind of Wires Used at Home

There are a lot of different types of wires used at home such as basic wire, cable wire, telephone wire, TV wire and accessories & home networking wires. Different wires are meant for different kinds of load capacity and they are exposed to different situations.

There is a difference between wires used for domestic use and wires used for commercial purposes. Wires used for commercial purposes are mainly heavy duty wires.

  1. Basic Wires are made up of copper or tinned copper. These wires are usually used in home wiring because they are the best available at lesser rates. They are categorised according to the gauge number that ranges between 00-40. The wire is more in diameter when the gauge number is smaller. The ideal number for domestic purpose lies from 10-20.

  2. Cable Wires-it is a compilation of 2 or more wires. It mainly has all 3 wires i.e. neutral, phase and grounding wires running. They are classified according to the number of wires running through it.

  3. Telephone Wires- such wires serve the purpose of low voltage control and are generally used for contact and alarm. The most used kind of thermostat wiring includes braided, twisted, and plastic-jacketed wiring. Twisted wiring is used for door bells, burglar alarms, and telephone systems.

  4. TV Wire- the lead-in wire of the set- top box is joined to the antenna present on the society roof. The wires used for these purposes is of premium quality- 300-ohm.

  5. Home Networking and Modern Wires-it means joining wires of many electrical loads such as computers, audio systems, etc. and connecting them at a point.

  6. Multi-strand wires- multi-strand wires are vastly used by homeowners these days. It is nothing but the compilation of a number of small wires to form a multi-stranded wire. Multi-stranded wires are available in a variety of sizes beginning from 1 sq. meter, 1.5 sq. meter, 2.5 sq. meter and 4 sq. meter. These wires are better than normal wires and last longer than them. Using one big fat wire is illegal now, and if found at home or apartments, the homeowner can be caught for using it. It can only be witnessed in slum areas. It is punishable to use them because they are easily cut when bend or folded and thus is harmful. Multi-stranded wires are a better option and are more preferred by the homeowners for their homes.

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