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Different Types Of Italian Marble Finish

There are different types of finishes available in the case of Italian marble when one opts for new house interior design. These finishes are usually done on top of the plain surface.

When you are buying the Italian marble, it is absolutely plain. You might want to get it high gloss polished.

For this purpose, Mirror Finish Polish and Diamond Polish are the best options you can choose from. They are incredibly smooth polish, perfect for new house interior design. They make the marble so shiny that you can see your reflection on their surface. That justifies the name of the polish.

Taking a different route from these common standard polishes, there is also the option of Honed Finish. Honed finish on Italian Marble can be slightly rough.

Sand blasting is also another thing that makes marble more rough.

For Italian marble, mirror polish is highly preferred. If you have a rough floor, and people walk on it wearing shoes a lot, dust and dirt gets accumulated. In this case, plain finish or mirror finish is the most helpful for new house interior design.Honed finish Italian marble is commonly used on walls and not on the floor.

If there is a slippery area, the rough finished Italian marble is mostly used.
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