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Distinction between Reconstruction and New construction

Construction, the term means to build/create something and building something doesn’t happen by fluke. It involves a lot of cost; now this construction maybe reconstruction of a building or constructing a new building entirely, no matter what, a huge cost is incurred to construct beautiful homes.

The costs incurred in reconstruction and new construction vary on a lot of points like materials, process, permission, plans etc. to understand better here are major points of distinction between the two:

  1. Materials A new construction requires everything to be made from scratch, meaning a lot of material is going to be required whereas in case of reconstruction projects the materials required is more particular in nature and lesser in quantity. Hence, reconstruction projects turn out to be a costly affair as compared to new constructions where orders are made in bulk and is cheaper.

  2. Debris Reconstruction projects require demolishing of existing damaged structure and then constructing new beautiful homes. This process gathers a lot of debris around the construction area and clearance of this debris time and again adds to the overall cost and time of the project whereas in case of new constructions no such wastage of time and money happens.

  3. Home owner’s involvement When one reconstructs his home, he is bound to be in regular touch with the contractor. As modern day homeowners wish to get their house made as per their specifications. This personalization process to get beautiful homes becomes a hindrance and adds up to the total cost which is not the case of new constructions.

  4. Time Time is money and when it is calculated and freely utilized without any limitations it yields better results. New construction projects give the contractors this liberty whereas while reconstructing they are working on strict schedules and in shorter periods, this again contributes to the cost. Moreover insurance of reconstructed home takes a lot of time.

  5. Members Incase if new buildings all the members involved are new whereas incase of reconstruction projects there are new as well as old members.

  6. Codes A new building in constructed as per the new building codes while reconstructed projects need to be brought up to the new codes.

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