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Distribution of Power Inside the House

Most of the newly constructed flats today have wiring covered in walls or false ceilings. False ceiling is the latest inclination of people these days, and homeowners approve of it for their home renovation. Earlier, the wires of all the fans, lights, etc. could be clearly seen. They were just covered in a pipe and not fixed inside the wall.

Handling of wiring in a 1 BHK Modern Home.

The wires and distribution for lights, fans, AC and other electrical appliances are hidden inside the false ceiling in the newly constructed houses. These electrical appliances are linked through a switchboard and the number of switchboards installed can be 2 as per the size of the room or according to the convenience of the homeowners. Not only the wires but the switchboard is also hidden for the purpose of beautiful homes.

Nothing except the plugs and the on-off switches can be seen. The master switch which is in the main distribution box- Miniature Circuit Breaker, controls the switchboard of the living room and is usually fixed in the corridor. The current flows from the meter box to the MCB.

Power and switch Distribution in Different rooms.

Living Room

Suppose the living room has an AC, a fan and around ten spotlights fixed in the false ceiling. The switch that controls the spotlight, the fan, the plug point, should have a distinct circuit for the switchboard. The circuit that controls AC is direct and different from others.

Different connection for heavy load equipment and light load equipment is best suited for safety.


The kitchen also has different circuits divided into two

  1. For microwave/ oven, refrigerator, geyser etc. which are heavy load electrical appliances and

  2. A different circuit for lights and fans.


Distinct circuit is given to the bathroom. In short, all the rooms have their different circuits, restrained by switches. The current flows to these circuits from the main distribution box, MCB. This is very helpful in situations when something goes wrong with the circuit of any room. The main switch on MCB of that particular room can be switched off. The lights of all the rooms or of the whole flat need not be switched off.

Although the expense for this type of circuit is high but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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