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Do You Want To Know How Much Time It Takes To Do Furniture For 1BHK Flat? We Can Tell You.

Residential interior design is something that is not restricted to just the colour of the walls. It is also about the style of furniture, the colour, the outlay and many other things. Residential interior design can elevate or demote the class of your flat. You have to keep in mind the size of your flat while choosing the furniture.

Buying big furniture for a small flat can make your flat feel cramped and tacky.

On the other hand, if you buy small furniture for a big house, it’ll make your house look empty. Furniture of the right size will make your flat look clean, spacious and arranged. You can either choose to buy ready-made furniture or get it made from scratch from the carpenter. People tend to favor getting it made from scratch because those prove to be stronger and more durable. You can now question how much time it’ll take for the carpenter to make your furniture.

We have now gathered information from an interior designer and a contractor to give you an estimate on the time duration as described below.

The first factor is whether the carpenter has taken the job with or without the raw materials. If the carpenter already has the material, he is going to simply purchase the material ad start working. In this case, you only have to select the style and colour of the laminate for the furniture. If he is without any material, then you have to buy every raw material for the furniture like laminate, fevicol, ply, furniture hardware, etc. Let’s consider that for 1BHK flat you have the following furniture like shoe rack, center table, TV unit, bed, wardrobe, cabinets, etc. A carpenter is going to take a minimum of three month’s time to make all these for residential interior design. You might think that three months is too long.

But the only way you can ensure a speedy or on time arrival of your furniture is by making sure that the raw materials are ready on time.
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