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Everything You Need To Know About Wallpapers

A working mother from Delhi once sent us an email –

“I live in Delhi, and I am keen on changing the look of my house. I want to get it repainted or add textures. Having heard about wallpapers so much, will it be the right choice to opt for wallpapers instead of painting. If so, how often must I need change this wallpaper? Can wallpapers aid to beautiful homes?”

We replied –

“Wallpapers are quite popular owing to their easy availability and installation. If you are interested in choosing wallpaper instead of paint, wallpapers will prove to be the better option of the two. It will not only help save your time but also add style and design to your walls, thereby giving you the beautiful home you have been on the lookout for. You can choose from among a variety of wallpapers, ranging from plain wallpapers to coloured ones, and textured wallpapers to 3-dimensional ones.

Wallpapers are as easily changeable as they are easy to install. Nowadays, washable wallpapers are also available, making it all the more convenient and low-maintenance. You can use a piece of cloth to wipe off any non-permanent any stain or mark on it. Besides, wallpapers can serve for as long as 8 to 10 years, if taken proper care of and cleaned regularly. But you can always install new ones every 4 or 5 years if you want to lend a new look to your room.”

Many homeowners face leakage problems that create stains on the wall. Is wallpaper an option for them? Also, is it possible to do wallpaper on exterior walls?

To answer that,

wallpapers are a strict no-no, when it comes to walls with leakage issues. If there is a leakage problem, the wallpaper may start peeling off or will soon turn pale. So, check for leakage before installing wallpapers, and get them repaired, if any. As for the outside walls, you should rather not use wallpapers, because being subjected to direct sunlight and rainfall will eventually fade the colours. Also, they will wear out prematurely.

Wallpaper or no wallpaper, it’s the people living it which make it a beautiful home for you to live in.
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