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First Visit of The Contractor- What To Know?

Living in a metropolitan city has its perks- let's assume you live in Delhi NCR and you realise that you need to renovate your kitchen. You decide to call a contractor, and this is the first time a contractor is coming to your house. So if you want to know what to presume, keep on reading !!

Generally speaking, one calls a contractor due to two situations: Either a particular problem is there and needs to be fixed or for the general renovation of the house.

Take for instance, for fixing the bathroom faucet or renovating the living room. The contracts inquire about the client's requirement regarding the renovation and put forward his ideas and recommendations also regarding what could be done to tackle the problem with ease.

The plan is then finalised. The next step is where the contractor provides a rough estimate by measuring the square feet area that needs renovation. However, this is just a rough estimate, and the actual price can vary minus or plus a bit when the actual cost is estimated.

After hearing to the suggestion given by the contractors, owners get curious, and their curiosity is put at ease by explaining everything to them.

To understand the difference between a mediocre and an experienced contractor is to see how precise is the cost estimate that they have provided. A qualified contractor primarily provides a rough estimate keeping in mind the cost of tiles, plumbing and other materials.

Once the homeowners approve the rough estimate, the contractor starts working on providing a more precise estimate.

Home Renovation Made Easy

It's only normal for someone to want their homes to be spick and span - after all one spends almost half of their valuable time at home. We always want your homes to offer you more in terms of beauty, elegance and security.

We abide by the simple phrase ' I am happy to be here ' , furnishing and decorating your house to accommodate the change in taste and wants. We also try looking out for striking a balance between long term investments.

The entire process is very dynamic. One should essentially have a good master plan. Here are a few areas one should focus on
  • Your living Room – Main attraction of a house

  • Bedroom – Peaceful place

  • Bathroom – The first place we enter when we open our eyes

  • Kitchen – For healthy living

  • Storeroom, guestroom, extra bedroom etc.

Arranging is exceptionally crucial in all the field of life. Consider the space you would need for your parlor or room. What amount of region would be required for your Kitchen? And so forth. Focus on one space at once. It will be significantly more fulfilling than attempting to handle a lot at one time. This likewise permits you to refine your decisions in the process.

Keeping your workers in the same visual frame is also necessary. It can make things less complex for all.

Decorate your home in budget and still make it resemble a mansion. On the off chance that your are getting some stuff for your home ask yourself twice "Will this be great in my room". So choose precisely. Consider different matters additionally like what amount would you be able to stand to spend on floor materials, paint, furniture and extras? Spend your cash on outfitting that are well-manufactured and will get the hardest use. Keep in mind that a room doesn't need to be finished at the same time if your financial plan allows it. Some designs, after all develop over time.

Colors assume an exceptionally fundamental part in home redesign. There is so much assortment like paint shading, textures, backdrop and deck that you have such a variety of choices. Immersion, intensity and value are interrelated terms that portray color and color theory. Joining all these together can give you marvelous results now and again .So utilize it with certainty.

Furniture's are the foundation of a house so locate the ones which run well with the paints and in addition which fulfill your requirements and spending plan. Put resources into quality furniture as opposed to amount .Ask your contractual worker to help you pick the best for you; additionally ensure that they are safe for babies and young children.

Another vital piece of home stylistic theme is the rugs and tiles(flooring).They upgrade the presence of the floor as well as adds polish to the insides. You must be clear about the outline, shading and nature of the cover or tile before you purchase the same. For instance, Marbles are a decent decision and can make the room feel cool amid summer warms.

Utilize adorning stuffs at home to make it adequate and imaginative. May be few divider pictures or say a couple of indoor plants can spruce up the dull look. Lights additionally can assume a noteworthy part while designing a house. Utilizing lights and various sort of lampshades may give that comfortable and personal look.

Your house, especially in fast pace cities like Delhi NCR can be your ground to reduce stress. Home redesigning plan that holds comfort as a top priority is the best and can comfort you. Without solace you may go home however you won't need to stay there. It's necessary that your house poses a lot of positive thoughts.

Partial or Complete Home Renovation

There is contrast in how things function in India and the rest of the world. In Indian culture part of essentialness is given to re utilizing things. We repair our TV set, Fridge and so forth and keep on using it till it's beyond repair . In western world a TV set is an utilization and toss sort of thing. Once turned bad, nobody repairs it, just gets another one.

Same Indian culture applies to individuals with regards to Home redesign in India. We search for value for money and anything that can be kept going longer.

We should talk as far as genuine circumstance: You have a house in some Indian metro city, could be Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi or some other city, you are pondering home remodel and searching for Home redesign Contractor. Some part of the house is in a truly respectable condition, while some parts need renovation.

Now what matters is should you remodel just the parts you want to or redesign the entire house instead.

Will you save cash by doing incomplete redesign? On the other hand Will be more financial to redesign finish house in long run?

There is truly no right response to any of above question however we will discuss a portion of the elements which lead you to either choices -

  1. Budget In the event that you have constrained spending plan and it is highly unlikely you can manage the cost of finish redesign. In such case Home proprietor goes for fractional home remodel.

  2. Urgency You were not contemplating Home Renovation but rather something has broke and needs immediate consideration. You choose to settle what is required and don't go for home remodel.

  3. Economic choice Home redesign is one of the vital yet unimportant decision. You live in a home, which is one of your greatest passionate and monetary speculations. If you think you have money to spend and your home definitely needs care. You should go for renovation. If correctly done it can increase quality of your life in general. If you end up doing partial fix every year for next few years, it will increase the cost and inconvenience.

  4. Re-Using existing well done In either case you choose to do halfway of finish Home remodel, a great Contractor will prescribe you what necessities to go and what can be re utilized. This will cut down cost and give a feeling of prosperity that you are not spending pointless cash, but rather attempting to be smart and re-utilize things material which can work better. It is critical to locate an accomplished Home Renovation Contractor who is brimming with Ideas and genuine in his work. A decent Home redesign contractual worker ought to have the capacity to make proposals and help you in basic leadership prepare.

Home Renovation for 1 Bedroom Hall Kitchen (BHK) in Economic way

A typical 1 or 2 room hall kitchen (1BHK or 2BHK) flats in any urban areas like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune comprises of four main elements i.e. room, kitchen, living room, washroom

Let us consider a situation where you are a proprietor of a 1BHK house and the is 500 square feet. You are planning on renovating your entire home, and you need certain specific things. You are not willing to spend a lot too. In such a scenario, you ought to expect home redesign cost of approximately 500 rupees for every square foot.

1 Sq. ft./ = 500- 750 rupees

500 so. ft = 2.5-3.75 lakhs

By spending 2.5-3.75 lakhs, you can redesign your entire one room Hall kitchen house.This house will incorporate every single thing that one needs to lead a simple way of living. Just to have a rough idea about the expense and the cost, some things that are going to be in your home are:

  • The room will incorporate Bed, side table, dressing table and a little closet wardrobe.

  • The kitchen will consist of I or L sort of stage with a well-planned arrangement where Fridge, Sink, Oven, Exhaust Fan [appliance excluded in cost estimate] can be placed. Excellent Flooring. Windows with Aluminum sliding window and stone top.

  • Corridor has a TV showcase, nice flooring, couch combed and two chairs.

This seems like a decent home renovation plan. So by spending roughly 2.5-3.75 Lakhs, you get a completed renovated house, which is a great deal.

The rough cost considered here [500-750 rupees per Sq. ft.] which is to give an idea. When you begin working with a Contractor, you will get to know the final estimate and price of the material. A good Contractor will give you recommendations about what to select and to avoid so that the home renovation stays economical.

Home Renovation for 1 BHK – Deluxe way

A good contractor will suggestion about in which ways you can save money and still get your house renovated in an economical way. You can hire a contractor and work with him regarding what kind of material you want Whether you wish to spend more money and get higher quality material and expensive furnishing.

Depending on what kind of material you choose you will end up paying 500-1000,750-1250 rupees per Sq. Ft. A typical house in a prime city like Delhi NCR (or any big and medium city across the country) is 500-750 Sq. ft. in the area.

Renovation of a deluxe home in Delhi NCR will roughly cost up to 1000-1500 rupees/ Sq. Ft.

1 BHK (500 Sq. Ft.) = 57.5 Lakhs

So, depending on what kind of furniture, material and interior you choose; you will end up spending somewhere between 3.75 Lakhs to 7.5 Lakhs on your one bedroom hall Kitchen.

Below mentioned are few examples of where house owners can buy better material:

  1. Expensive Plywood

  2. Expensive Tiles

  3. Sanitary & Bathroom equipment’s etc.

So, economic Home renovation starts in the range of 2.5-3.75 lakhs and can go up to 5-7.5 Lakhs if you choose to renovate a deluxe house.

We have only given you a rough estimate. When you start working with Contractors, you will know the actual figure. A good Contractor will make you aware that even after giving a Final estimate the prices may differ because the final estimate depends on the material prices that can go up or down anytime or you end up buying a different product for some reason. Hence a homeowner should always be prepared for 5-10% plus or minus in the estimates.

Home Renovation Tips for Flooring

People always have some question regarding the flooring in India. So, below we are telling you some points which apply to any city or town across India. The cost of items should not vary except labour cost.

A lot of things should be kept in mind while flooring. If you are planning on hiring a good Interior Designer or a Contractor there are going to keep several aspects in their mind They are:

  1. Shading: what Colour of Tiles will look great in contrast with Wall Colours and the lighting of the house.

  2. Noticeable Floor: Which portion of floor goes underneath the Furniture of the House and is covered up.

  3. Measure: What size of tiles will be suitable. The cost of Vitrified Tiles depends on size. Mostly, large and big tiles cost more.

  4. Marked Tiles: If you purchase Tiles made by big brands, then the cost is higher in comparison with some local brand. Sometimes, local tiles are also good, but they without any warranty. Your Interior Designer or Contractor will advise you about cost and quality.

  5. Concrete and Sand: The base of flooring is always made of cement and sand. Every type of cement available in the market is excellent and sand can of any sort.

Quick Tips for choosing Contractor in Delhi for Home Renovation

  • The best approach is to offer the job to a Contractor or an Interior Designer recommended by a trusted and reliable individual.

  • If you don't have any reference converse with to 2 – 3 Contractors, let them know your financial plan and let them give you a rough Estimate comprising the Building Material, highlighters that will be utilised.

  • If you just need to repair a small area of a closet, ground surface, Wall Painting or washroom, then you need to consult with a contractor and then decide on the material you require. You can either get the material yourself or ask the contractor to get it for you.

1 Bedroom Kitchen from 1 Room Kitchen

When you have a home with a hall, room and a kitchen – you have 1 BHK or one Bedroom Hall Kitchen. You can easily discover that there are numerous number of houses in Delhi NCR with the plan of 1 Room Kitchen i.e. one kitchen and a hall and no other room

The question here is that what exactly is the difference between convert 1bhk into a one room kitchen.

For starters, we need to fit the kitchen in a such a place that it doesn’t utilise much space. The first solution is to move your kitchen into Balcony, which will include the cost of making a new Kitchen platform.

The other solution can be to combine the Bathroom and Toilet, the major cost here would be Cost of washroom Plumbing.

By, connecting the bathroom and the toilet the extra space can be used for the kitchen. By making such changes in the layout of the floor, the major cost here would be the Cost of building a new wall. In the case that the new wall is in the kitchen, then there would be space only for cooking the food and dining of the food will be moved to Hall. Conveniences like Refrigerator and other have to be placed somewhere in the house.

500 Square feet 1BHK

The size of recently built houses is becoming smaller with each passing year. Room measures have gotten to be 10 feet by 10 feet. You need bigger bedrooms within your house. After you have spent the entire day out working hard and you finally come to rest in your tiny room. It should be bigger than that because you deserve much more/

Any room is, looking at the modern layout is furnished with Bed, dressing table and closet. You require a room of size ten by 14 ft; that is a decent house plan. And if the living room is big enough then you can put an LCD TV, and enjoy the watching movies.

But with the sudden increase in the prices of the houses, you get to see well-planned houses within an economical budget. Early, when the prices were low, and space was easily available people used to buy 2 BHK or 3 BHK. But nowadays, the price has also gone high and subsequently space has gotten less so people have started buying 1 BHK or 1 Room Kitchen.

Additionally, these days the idea of joint family has gone down and it's more about the nuclear family.

Renovation of 1BHK flat

Do you want to renovate your 1BHK flat?

There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind.

The first thing you ought to do is get the final layout of the house decided with discussing with an Interior Designer or Contractor. This incorporates:

  1. Living room: How is the sitting arrangement, position of T.V, position of entryway opening where shoe rack can be balanced.

  2. Bedroom: Position of bed, closet and dressing table.

  3. Kitchen: People usually position their bed head according to Vastu, A place for Mandir (little size), fridge, clothes washer, and so on.

After this, the layout is finalised. Any changes that need to be made should be done before the work begins.

Ventures of Renovation:

Step 1 – Civil work

The work begins with Civil. If any changes need to be made in tiles, flooring or changing of structure, it is finished and done simultaneously. Any adjustments in the washroom are made like changing Indian can into western toilet seats.

In the living room, the simple windows can be replaced, and new French windows can be put. The place can be expanded with the help of marble which increases the sitting area for at least 3-4 people.

Step 2 – Electric Work

The layout of the house should be clearly made and sort out to have proper execution. Switches are easily available in the market.

Step 3 – False Ceiling

At this point begins POP and paint work. Wall and roof punning is done. Punning helps in increase the shine of the paint and gives it a finishing look.

When it comes to light -LED, PL, colouring tube lights are accessible in the market. The lights should be selected very careful as it decides the look of your house.

In 1bhk an additional room can be made, but there are only two ways. They are:

  1. The balcony is converted into the child’s room

  2. A partition can be created in the living room such that it can be used as a living room and small bedroom too.

The design of the house is planned to keep the requirement of the homeowners in mind.

How not to Renovate Home for Indian Home Owners

Lets assume you are one of the Indian Home Owners who is wanting to redesign your Home. Here is how one might go about it-

Step 1) Search for Contractors

Alternative 1) you definitely know some Contractor


Alternative 2) you will begin conversing with your companions and Colleagues


Alternative 3) you will bounce to just dial and quickr of the universes to discover temporary workers

Step 2) You will begin requesting Estimate

You will welcome one or more Contractors to your home. Clarify him every one of the issues and necessities. Contractual worker will take estimations and give you Estimate.

Step 3) Selection of Contractor

You will judge Contractor by his Estimate. Less expensive the Estimate more appealing it looks.

Step 4) Visit Site or see pictures

Step 5) Negotiation

You will consult on the gauge. You will request x percent markdown. Contractual worker will in the end consent to give x – y rebate.


When Contractor begins the venture – you will begin smaller scale overseeing things. Arrangements will be changed, costlier materials will be purchases, planning will take a backseat as prompt decision making comes into play.

In the meantime, one comes to realize a lot of things have changed from what was planned and it might also get a little tight on the pockets.

Between, you likewise understand that you had tight spending plan to begin with. Presently towards the end of the venture, you don't have adequate assets to finish the venture. You defer the installments. That in the end defers the work promote.

You again begin discovering a few blames in Contractor. You begin understanding the you have overcompensated the redesign work.

A decent Contractor has experienced this circumstance 100s of times, he attempted his level best to control change demands, spending plan, time – yet there is point of confinement to what he can do.

Contractual worker tries to drive the venture in best way and finishes the work. Of course now you have way better looking washroom or kitchen yet a normal looking room. You see the monetary allowance didn't get utilized legitimately. You needed those costlier tiles.

At any rate, you have spent lakhs of rupees. You are left with minor acid reflux. You have a home which is not as were what you expected in starting. However now you will keep on living in it for quite a long time to come.

We work with best of Contractors. We know them by and by. They are good to the point that we would procure them actually to remodel or repair our homes. They are magnificent in their work. Be that as it may, regardless they face such issues. We concentrated such agony focuses and made a rundown of it.

At that point we began asking these Contractors questions like –

  • what could have made things simple ?

  • What could have given better result ?

  • What could have burned through cash proficiently ?

  • Utilizing such criticism we have begun "HomeZop Design Service"

Our Home Interior Design benefit does 3 things at an abnormal state:

1) comprehends prerequisites

  • how you need your home to look

  • how you need utilize space inside home

  • what amount would you like to spend

2) specialized drawings

  • a reasonable guide

  • a finish designing of all work that will happen in your home

  • format, shading plan, flooring design (tiles and marble rock setting), false roof format, electric format – with legend ( switchboard points of interest) etc.

3) Estimates and BOQ

  • definite and organized gauge that helps you think about and procure temporary worker

  • a detail rundown of all the material that you or your contractual worker will purchase for your home

We charge Rs 12,000 and this will help you spend each and every rupee on your remodel all the more productively.

Home Renovation in high rise towers & Society restrictions

Whenever people contact or write to us asking for free estimate, we ask them a couple of inquiries, which incorporates two vital ones:

  1. On what floor is your place?

  2. Is there some work timing limitation?

These are essential factors in deciding the expense of Home Renovation.

If any material or equipment has to be carried to 7 or 8 or any floor higher, it will include labour's cost. There is a high chance of causing damage to the lift if heavy things are carried in it, so society doesn't usually allow using the lift. Then the staircase is used, and it should be cleaned on a regular basis too. All things venture in deciding the cost and is the primary difference between work done on the ground or lower floors and work done on higher floors.

Sometimes, people who are living in a society and have to get their housework done need to take permission from the society as disturbance is caused if work is done during the daytime. Due to this many times, permission is not granted to get the housework done in the afternoon.

All these need to be taken into consideration before moving on with anything substantial.

Use of Glass & Home Renovation in India

The glass is typically ignored as an option when it comes to renovating the house but what homeowners don't know is that glass can be utilised for various purposes.

Partitions – It can get utilised for making partition amongst the dining and kitchen area. An embellished structure can be used for the same which will also provide an astonishing upper hand for the house.

Ordinarily, in Indian homes glass is utilised in 6mm, 8mm or 12mm. Use of Glass for segregation is a great deal as it takes up almost no space in comparison to wood or aluminium dividers. Furthermore, it also promises a hassle free great looks!

A few people also utilise Glass Partition in Bathrooms for the separation of shower zone and toilet zone. Once in awhile both regular glass and tuffen glass are utilised.

Tuffen glass is similar to toughened glass or security glass. Tuffen/Toughen glass leads to a safer environment.

Different types of Affordable Windows & Home Renovations

There are three different types of windows available in India:

Wooden, Aluminum, Metal

Wooden windows:

Nowadays, many homeowners don't prefer buying wooden windows as they are way too expensive and the wood used is not that great. One of the beautiful wood used for making windows is Teakwood, which will cost a lot. Also, the available today is not of high quality when compared to the old days.

Metal windows:

Metal windows get rusted very quickly and in a short period due to which we advise you not to buy them as maintaining them will burn a hole in your pocket.

Aluminium windows:

These are the windows you should use as the windows are lightweight, the finishing providing is fantastic plus the work is done easily and quickly. You can even anodize the windows and get the look of distinctive hues, which will make the windows look alluring and exceptional.

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