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Get all your doubts for sound proofing cleared

Got a case of noise complaining neighbours or a street right outside filled with loud activity at all times of the day? If so, the obvious solution to this everyday problem is soundproofing your house and improving the home design.

First things first -

There is a huge difference between absorbing sound and blocking it, something that people don’t completely understand. To tackle outsiders who complain about noise coming from inside the house, we need to absorb the sound that is produced within so it doesn’t escape outside. In such a scenario, what you need is to plaster your doors with a lot of gypsum or place asbestos in your walls. This kind of acoustic panelling will go a long way in controlling the sound.

By using foam, you are reducing the reflectivity of the noise, and that, in essence, is the absorption of noise and bettering the home design.

On the other side, if you wish to block sounds coming from the exterior you will need to make sure the house is airtight. Walls nowadays are in fact too thin, and definitely, do not help in controlling the sound levels. If it isn't possible for you to consider opting for heavily bricked walls, then most people consider elementary options like sliding doors and windows. However, for more advanced and extreme measures you would require big and effective gaskets for your doors.

In such kind of scenarios, even glass wool on the walls would help to some extent in providing sound insulation.

There are simple measures as well that can be undertaken to help with soundproofing. Some of them include carpeting your house (since hard surfaces reflect noise while soft surfaces absorb them), making sure that all leaks are plugged, reducing vibrations by using your appliances well (with timely replacements and fixtures!) And creating an air pocket in your door that will block the sound can insulate and soundproof the house design better than you think!

Therefore, by soundproofing the walls of your home in a more sensible and effective manner – you will be able to restore the quiet levels of your house – or, opt to create more noise without risking the fact that your neighbours will be disturbed.

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