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Handy Tricks For Interior Designing

There are several tips and tricks you can use while doing interior design in your home to save money, time and effort, while also adding some more style to your house. While architects and interior designers are usually aware of them.

We thought we would enlist them for every rookie who is trying his/her hand at interior designing themselves so that they may find the task easier.

  1. If you want to make your dining area more attractive using a hanging light, instead of going for an expensive chandelier, go for a Chinese lantern. You get a lot of varieties in designs plus they make your dining room light up!

  2. Sparker tiles are tiles that can bend up to one inch (and for a tile, that’s a lot of bending). Use them to cover and decorate areas that could previously have not been covered by tiles!

  3. Do your home renovation responsibly. The people doing the labour are as important as any family member, and so try to stay away from A.C.C. cement as despite being as good as any brand, it is known to cause chemical reactions on hands.

  4. Never do acid cleaning on marble, it works only on tiles. (Trust us, we know.)

  5. We would suggest not using wallpaper, as it cannot be washed.

  6. There are lights available in the market that won’t be seen until they are switched on. They are called indirect lights and can be used to add a little extra something to your home.

  7. For bricks, pick C-forex blocks over bricks as they replace the old fashion bricks because of their light weight, increased speed of work and durability.

  8. Use LEDs instead of spot lights, as while the latter uses 36 volts of electric, the former only uses 1,3 or 5 volts and helps you save money on electric bills.

  9. Try Sleek Kitchen as it comes with a fifteen year warranty.

  10. If you need sound proof partition, use glass wool

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