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Home Renovation Guide For Buying Bathroom Tiles

Selecting bathroom tiles can be a stressful job. You can build your bathrooms as a personal space by selecting different colours and shades and also different designs of tiles.

  • For flooring, our home renovation guide is to use darker colours like browns, navy blue, etc. but don’t go so dark as black.

  • For the walls, however, you can choose lighter shades like blues and creams to purples and many more.

  • For beautiful bathroom designs, you can always have a combination of colours and designs.

While selecting tile sizes, we will advise you to buy tiles like 2’x2’ or 3’x3’. Bigger tiles will have lesser tile joints which give the bathroom a neater look.

For the walls, use tiles of size 2’x1’. This size will ensure you minimum wastage of raw materials. For the finish on the tiles, you can have matte finish or semi-gloss finish tiles (50% glossy and 50% matte).

These tiles are generally for wall application. We would recommend anti-skid tiles for the flooring. To make your bathroom look smart and trendy, you can use Italian finish tiles.

For designed or patterned style of tiles, always be informed about the wastage percentage. When installing the tiles, further care needs to be taken because the design of each tile needs to compliment the adjacent one which results in a lot of tile wastage.

The wastage percentage will differ with tile design.

No shopkeeper will help you in this respect. So, it is always important for you to know the waste percentage. There are also highlighter tiles available in both patterns and plain colour. You can select them as per your preference. You shouldn’t, however, use a lot of them because it might look a little bit overdone.

You can attach a maximum of 20% highlighter tiles with 80% other tiles. You can also use alternate colours for different areas of the bathroom to add more complexity.

This is our home renovation guide for buying bathroom tiles.

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