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Home Renovation Tips for Flooring

Here are rough tips on flooring in Delhi NCR. Below points are applicable for any city or town across India. Except for labour cost rest of the items should not vary.

A lot is to be planned and our needs depend greatly on some factors. A decent Interior Designer or an accomplished Contractor will consider a few angles, some of them are:


What Color of Tiles will look great as for Wall Colors and lighting in the house.

Noticeable Floor:

What a portion of floor goes underneath Furniture in the house and is constantly covered up.


What size of tiles will be fitting. Cost of Vitrified Tiles change with size. By and large Tiles which are greater in size cost more.

Marked Tiles:

If you purchase Tiles fabricated by big brands, then cost is higher contrasted with some obscure brand. A portion of the Unbranded Tiles are great, yet they come without enough certification. Your Interior Designer or Contractor will suggest you about cost and quality.

Concrete and Sand:

Base of ground surface is comprised of cement and sand. All accessible cement in market are great. Sand could be of any sort.

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