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How Can I Arrange For My Furniture & Why Is It Essential To Have 3D Images Of The Same?

Furnishing a new house today is not as difficult as it used to be a few years ago. The builder provides the buyer almost all modern interior designs. Even then, there remain a few things that need to be completed for e.g. the kitchen provided by them has a granite platform, but it still requires trolleys and shutters, overhead cabinets or may require other forms of storage as per the requirement of the homeowner.

In a similar fashion, there are certain things that the bedroom or the living room may lack like the basic furniture, the seating arrangements for the living room, extra electrical points, a false ceiling, and there could be numerous other things that a homeowner may want. These are the major furnishings required in a new house.

The major cost of furniture including the cost of kitchen are:

  • Purchasing prefabricated furniture.

  • Getting modular furniture.

  • Appointing a carpenter to make personalised furniture.

Prefabricated furniture although cheap, possesses a drawback. It looks attractive, and the buyer can see the product before purchasing it but is low in quality. It is not sturdy and reliable. As the price of the product goes down so does quality. Another flaw of prefabricated furniture is that it is not flexible with the size i.e. it cannot adapt to the size of the room and will have to be accepted as it is.

Modular furniture, the second option, is the inclination of people these days. It is because you can get furniture the way you like, with a check for the quality. It requires very little time as all the work is done in the factory. Even the installation of the furniture takes very few days.

For e.g. For ordering a modular or a semi modular kitchen, it just requires 2 to 3 weeks for everything to be finished at the factory and another 3-4 day for its installation.

The last option is appointing a carpenter to make a personalised modern interior design. The drawback of this option is that it requires a lot of time and effort and depends on the capability of the carpenter.

People have to choose among the above three options for modern interior designs. Important decisions are to be made both financially and from the design front. The fiscal estimate is determined after talking to contractors and carpenters. There are so many things to worry about that the primary purpose i.e. how the house is finally going to look is forgotten.

People have no idea how each room, living room, bathroom or kitchen is going to look.

The home owner’s position is entirely different once he has a 3D image or design in his hand. He can have the final result in his hand without appointing a person or spending money. You can show the contractor what you want, and he will tell what he can deliver.

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