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How Can I Determine The Estimate Cost Of Painting?

Estimating the home painting rates before the actual work gives us an upper hand at how much of a hole will the paint job burn in our pockets.

The exact amount of home painting rates cannot be calculated until and unless a painter visits your home and takes the proper measurements but

If you want a rough figure, then this is how to calculate it:

Find out the carpet area of your house and then multiply it by 4. For instance, if the carpet area of your house is 1000 sq. ft then 1000 X 4 = 4000 sq. ft. is the total area that is to be painted. Now supposedly the painter has quoted an amount of say Rs 35- 40 per sq. ft. then the cost of painting would be 4000 X 35 = Rs 1,40,000.

Now the question that may arise is why multiply the carpet area by 4? Well, 4 represent four sides of the wall that is to be painted. Then again you may ask, what about the windows, doors and balconies, etc. whose area should be deducted from the total calculation? The reason for not deducting these areas is that your ceiling is not counted while calculating the area and that too get painted, hence, opting to multiply your carpet area by 4 gives you the closest answer to the actual cost.

Nonetheless, this estimation of home painting rates is not the final amount.

The final amount is calculated only when a painter has taken measurements and the exact amount of work is determined.

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