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How Can I Install Wall Decal During Home Renovation?

Homeowners nowadays are constantly on the lookout for fresh and new ideas that would make their décor more valuable, when it comes to their house interior design. Wall Decal is one such option that would achieve the desired effect if done right away, and so that you are free from committing any mistakes, here is your to do guide. (Thank us later)

Wall decals are usually sold as “Do it yourself” aka DIY kit. They can be super easily availed from many commercial outlets, most of which can be easily found in your vicinity. You don’t need to be an expert, as long as you have the right sense of design, you can do it all by yourself. Let us help you in making your house interior design, easy and quick.

What will I need to take care of?

The right position of the decal for the wall: By right position, we mean the perfect angle and the exact location for placing the wall decal.

Also, do make sure that no bubbles are formed while you are applying the decal.

What tools will I need?

For the purpose of applying the decal, you will need the right tools, starting with the scraper to scrape the wall, a reverse transferring sheet to transfer the decal to the wall. Also, use a squeegee to make the surface smooth and remove any air bubbles that may be present. The last step, while installing the decal, is removing the paper backing carefully, which will be easier if the paper is dampened slightly with a wet sponge or cloth. The above things must be taken care of to keep the richness of the decal intact.

What is the process like?

  • First, take the measurement of the wall, for the installation of wall decal.

  • Then , decide on the position of the decal on the wall. Then , mark out the position of the decal.

  • After the positioning and marking processes are over, transfer the decal to the wall using reverse transferring technique.

Approximately 3-4 working days are required for a decal to reach your home for installation. It usually takes about 30-40 minutes to install a decal, although it depends a lot on the size of the decal. If you are looking for a wall decal for your house interior design, and are too lazy to do it yourself.

why don’t you quickly give us a buzz and let us take care of the same for you.
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