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How Can I Make Use Of Leftover Solid Surface?

Here are a few home renovation tips which you could use when installing countertops in your kitchen. Let us assume that you got a new Corian countertop for your kitchen platform. And now, only a small piece of the material is left, say, about a foot by two feet of it. If you say that you do not need it, the fabricator will take it away when his contract ends.

If you have hired a good fabricator who wants to give his client the best thing possible, he will probably come up with great home renovation tips and tricks to make good use of the leftover piece, especially if you have paid for the entire sheet.

For example, this leftover piece can be easily used for making the cutting board for your kitchen. Sometimes, people also make door and window grills out of it. It can have several other uses like making watches and nameplates. If you have already paid for the material, only the cutting cost will be added to it.

But there is still some piece of it left after making good use of the leftover one, then one of the most useful home renovation tips we can give you is to pack it and store it away somewhere. You might need it in the future.

If after a few years, there is a crack or damage on the solid surface somewhere, you can use this leftover material to cover that up.

You might run out of luck if the colour you had used for your solid surface gets discontinued a few years later. That can be either because of less demand or because it was a unique or limited colour. Then, you would be fortunate to have stored this leftover piece instead of giving it away.

If you do not have any leftover material from before, then the only way out is to use the colour that is closest to the one you had used.
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