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How Can I Reduce My Painting Cost If I Have A Rented Accommodation?

With students and job seekers moving from one city to another these days, the home rental business is booming. But letting out a home doesn’t mean we rent out a flat without paint, but the question that arises now is how to get the best value for money? For that, we need to determine what will home painting rates be like and what is the type of paint that we should use?

The correct answer is Distemper paint. And don’t worry, it’s not the vintage China or lime painted walls which leave a mark on your body or clothing every time you come in contact with it.

Distemper paint is way better than lime coated walls and doesn’t leave behind any markings too.

Distemper paint is a long -lasting paint, and the best part is that it’s really affordable; the only drawback is that it doesn’t give the appearance and impression of luster paint, moreover, the wall can not be wiped or cleaned with wet cloth, but hey, we are cutting cost here and also making it decent and presentable to live in.

If we calculate the cost cutting that we are doing by opting for distemper paint over luster paint, then we can get an idea by taking for instance, if you have a 1 BHK flat and it takes Rs 1000 to paint your home with distemper paint then it would take Rs 2000 to paint your home with luster paint. That is distemper paint costs half the price of lustre paint, making it suitable for rental homes.

So what, if your house is a rented one, home painting rates, shouldn’t stop you from getting your house the renovation it wants.
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