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How Can I Repair Cracks In Solid Surfaces?

When your house is undergoing renovations, you might also want to fix that crack on the solid surface in your kitchen, which has been bothering you for quite some time now. In fact, solid surfaces are quite easy to repair.

If there is a crack in marble or granite, you will need a skilled expert to fix it. They use coloured grout cement or some relevant chemical to make the crack invisible to human eye. But no matter how much you try, after some time, the point where it has been joined will be visible. Also, dirt will start accumulating underneath it. Even if you get people who do an exceptional job at Italian marble flooring to do renovations, it is extremely difficult to match a Corian finish.

But once you fix a crack in a Corian surface, it will become as seamless as if brand new.

So let us ease your mind by saying that it is much easier to fix a small crack on a solid surface than you had imagined. All you need to do is cut and remove a small piece from the area with the crack. Then make a piece of the same size as the cut out and push it in to fit there, and use and adhesive to stick it in place

This adhesive is made of material from your solid base surface.

This means that if your Corian kitchen countertop is made of a solid surface ‘Z’, then the adhesive also has ‘Z’ material. After renovations, make sure that regular cleaning and buffing is done. Once the crack is repaired, the whole thing looks seamless, without any visible joints or lines. After buffing or light polishing, the entire surface looks totally brand new.

No other material can give you such a seamless look as Corian solid surface. It is less messy and has a superior finish.
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