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How Can I Use Italian Marble With A Limited Budget

Italian marble is demanded by all homeowners for its ability to add the bright, shimmering feel to their home design. However, it is expensive; the cost of high-quality Italian marble starts at around Rs 400 per square feet. Its high prices are problematic for homeowners with a budget constraint. But there is no need to get disheartened!

You can go for the least costly Italian marble for your interior home design. There are other flooring options like Indian marble, vitrified tiles, granite or slate finish tiles that would cater very well to people with a limited budget.

But if you absolutely want Italian marble for your home and also stay within the budget limit, you can always prioritise with an amalgam of different flooring styles in your house in a way that it wouldn’t look out of place.

For instance, Italian marble could be kept for the living room and master bedroom, vitrified tiles for the washroom and wooden laminate flooring for the bedroom.

There are varieties of flooring options that a homeowner could choose from

  • Indian variety Marble: Indian marble is an apt choice if you dislike glossy finish and are hesitating to go for Italian marble. The prices are around Rs 30-40 per square feet.

  • Vitrified Tiles: They contain a glazed look making them a befitting alternative to Italian marble, granite or ceramic tiles. They cost around Rs 45-65 per square feet.

  • Laminated floors: Laminates are fire-resistant and are easy to install, remove and reinstall. They cost about Rs 45-50 per square feet. Wooden laminate flooring is low on maintenance, trendy and has a classic aesthetic appeal.

  • Chinese floorings: Chinese laminated floors and tiles are easily available at local stores. They are attractive and are priced between Rs 40-50 per square feet. However, bad quality Chinese flooring is vulnerable to scratches and can easily fade, so one has to be sure of the quality before purchasing.

  • Concrete floors: If you want to add that ‘old world’ feel to your interior home design, concrete flooring is a good option. They come in stained, painted and coloured forms and can be customised according to the preference of homeowners.

We stress on the necessity of choosing the right flooring as it enhances the visual appeal of your home immensely.

We strongly recommend that the homeowners make sure that the floorings that they purchase are anti-skid, maintenance free, joint free, easy to install and confirm on its durability.
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