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How Can I Waterproof My Entire Terrace Area

Terrace bases are usually made using concrete which is porous in nature. Due to its porous nature, water gets absorbed easily, leading to leakage problems. Cracks in the concrete slab are also responsible for the same.

Following is a home renovation guide that can help you waterproof your terrace and it includes two viable solutions:

  1. Hardcore mason work

  2. Temporary coating

Remedy 1

This home renovation guide states that the common solution is usually mason work like brickbat coba. A coba is made of bricks. Coba, mainly used for the purpose of insulation, comes in different types. This is the old and traditional way to solve water leakage problems, but less preferred nowadays. Using this technique leads to an increase in weight on the existing structure.

These days the structures are built to allow no additional weight.

Remedy 2

You can do a coating on the concrete of your terrace. The most common way is to get a layer of tar applied on the areas, where leakage has been found. It is the most inexpensive way to get your leakage problem solved.

Latest solution : Acrylic Polymer Layer

The technique that is used to solve water leakage problems is determined by the polymer used. If an acrylic polymer is used for the terrace, to protect the acrylic polymer layer, tiles or screed concrete can be used, so that it does not wear out easily.

Protecting Acrylic Polymer coating with tiles

If we place tiles, there will be joints in between to place them. And joints are sure to soon invite water leakage. So we would not suggest tiling the acrylic polymer. For a monolithic structure, you can opt for tiling, as long as the joints are kept to a bare minimum.

Modern home terraces these days use screed concrete a lot, to solve water leakage problems. In this method, the waterproofing material is mixed with screed concrete, cement, sand and M-20 grit concrete in the ratio 1:2:3(also mentioned in various home renovation guides). A 2 inches layer is spread over the terrace structure.

The slope needs to be maintained while waterproofing the structure so that the water can flow out.
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