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How Did Decorative Veneer Develop?

There is a lot of history behind veneer. The first ones to produce thin sheets of wood from logs were ancient Egyptians. The real date when veneer came into market is not known.

In the past, furniture was made directly out of logs of wood. There were no skilled labour or home renovation contractors to make proper wooden items.

Plywood was not known among the common masses.

Only the wealthy people could afford it. During the pyramid builder’s era, veneers were quite well known in Egypt. But it was only during the 19th century that veneers became popular and accessible to make furniture.

Veneer Wood in India

During the 60’s and 70’s, when machinery were made and imported in India, popularity and accessibility of plywood increased. In India, Calcutta was the main supplier of plywood, or wood in any other form. It was the main port for wood at that time, because the factories were all situated there.

In the 80’s, Calcutta ruled the wood industry in the true sense.

Progressively, marine ply, commercial ply and veneers emerged in Indian market. Indian Veneer came only in 4 species, namely, Rosewood, Mahogany, Teak and White Cheddar. It was in the 90’s that veneer industry developed in India with setting up of factories. Until then, wood had to be imported from African, European and other markets. Later, White cheddar, Sycamore, white ash, white oak and many other species got added to the Indian veneer industry, giving home owners a wide range of choices.

By 2005, veneers became available in different species and patterns. They were given different finishes, cuts, patterns and polishes, like metallic veneer, mismatch veneer pattern, and others.

Home renovation contractors provided home owners with individual choices.

Raw Materials For Making Veneer Is Banned In India

Veneer, although is manufactured in India, most of the raw materials to make it including polish, chemicals, logs of wood are all imported,

The only pioneer, who supplies materials to whole veneer industry in India, is Mr. Vinit Agarwal. He imports raw material on a very large scale and sends them to manufacturers to be processed for veneering.

Truth about Natural Indian Veneer Industry

Although today veneer is sold under a number of brand names, not too many of them sell natural decorative veneer. With the advancement of technology and growing knowledge of natural wood veneer, home renovation contractors use it everywhere including homes, shops and offices.

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