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How Is Laminate Floor Covering Used In Metropolitan Cities?

In this modern era, homeowners putting up in metro cities like Mumbai & Delhi opt for contemporary Indian designs for home or office interiors;e.g.,- wooden flooring. Solid woods, Engineered wood or laminated floor covering are some of the wooden floorings used.

Each one of them gives a different experience and ambience, and picking up any of it is just a matter of preference. Wooden flooring not only adds on to the design of the homes but also gives it a contemporary and elegant look.

Nowadays, wooden flooring is preferred for office floors and industrial purposes apart from residential use to give them Indian contemporary design.

Use of Laminate Floor covering at Home

Simple and quick to install anywhere, be it home or office space, is what makes the laminate floor covering preferable. Living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms and other dry rooms or areas are where Laminate floor covering are installed. Laminate floor covering is not set up in wet areas like restrooms since water and wood don’t hit it off well. The water content in the wet rooms or areas makes the place smell bad and spoil the wood as well.

Deck Flooring is a solution for the modern homeowner who wants wooden contemporary Indian design in wet areas as well.

All about Deck Flooring

Deck flooring is better than any other option for intensifying the outdoor look, and it also enumerates the original contemporary Indian design of outdoor spaces. It is made up of treated or composite lumber or composite material. There are different kinds of lumber like Western red cedar, teak, mahogany, and other hardwoods. The slabs that are recycled are high-density polyethene, polystyrene, PET plastics, besides, these it also consists of mixed plastics and wood fibre. Artificial decking products also known as “wood-plastic composites”, are extremely popular today under different brand names. Swimming pools, lawns, terraces are the wet, outdoor areas where deck flooring is preferred.

Many times it is used as a replacement to stone based features like patios.

Size Availability

Similar to tiles deck flooring also comes in square form i.e. 2’*2’ but it can also be purchased like laminate flooring in the form of slabs of sizes 3’or 5’ length * 7’ or 8’ width.

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