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How Is Solid Surface Colour Match Done?

Colour match is gaining popularity nowadays among solid surface professionals in the country who try to make people’s dreams of beautiful homes come real. It is a relatively new concept.

if you wonder how solid surface colour match is done, we have an example.

Let’s suppose a certain colour has been used on the wall or a coloured and laminated panel has been made on the wall. But there is a portion of the wall that needs to be matched with the colour of the laminated panel, and the homeowner wants a solid surface material of a similar colour. She or he need not go all over the place searching for it. The homeowner could give a piece of the laminate to a solid surface professional that would get solid surface materials manufactured from the factory in the desired colour.

This process definitely is a step towards the making of beautiful homes. However, there are a few limitations to this, which can be rectified by keeping in mind a few pointers.

It is recommended that high-quality solid surface sheets are used for matching colours with that of the wall. If for some reason the desired colour is not available in the local market, it can be manufactured by the local factory. Of course, the quality of locally manufactured solid surface material is not as good as the imported ones like those made in Korea.

For inlay work, one should try to opt for a common yet beautiful colour. As the quantity required for inlay work is very less, dealers do not prefer to import small quantities. Also, finding unique colours for import becomes difficult for them.

One can decide on a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer in the local market as well for the inlay work.

When the solid surface colour gets discontinued, or the surface needs to get repaired or replaced, the homeowner can either use the closest similar colour available in the market or get it manufactured from the local factory. Colour match can be done using sun mica (laminate), PU (polyurethane) or by matching it with the existing Corian.

The solid surface catalogue kept by most architects and designers who help to build beautiful homes come handy while choosing the desired colour and checking its availability, as the shade of the solid surface material cannot be changed unlike the shade of paint.

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