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How Long Does It Take To Renovate a 1BHK?

In this busy modern era, time taken for house renovation is a factor that plays a major role. Time taken to renovate a 1BHK apartment mainly depends on the client, depending on whether he stays onsite.

To complete renovation of the apartment where the client stays, it will take approximately two months. If no one stays at the apartment, it will be completed within 45 days, excluding holidays like Sundays, national holidays, etc.

To renovate an apartment where the client is currently residing, the house renovation needs to be done on room basis, starting with the last room, i.e. the bedroom. All the things including the furniture and cupboard are shifted to the living room. Things are shifted back again after completion of the renovation.

Next, the bathroom is renovated, followed by the kitchen. For renovating the kitchen, the stuff from it is shifted to the last or living room, which is again shifted back to their places after completion.

The renovation of the living room is undertaken in the end.

House renovation work includes everything starting from painting to wiring, furniture work and others.
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