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How Long Does Remodelling A Kitchen Take?

Most of us unanimously feel that the kitchen is the most important part of our homes as that it’s the place where we spend most of our free hours.

Generally, it takes about a couple of weeks to upgrade from a basic Indian kitchen to a modular or semi-modular kitchen, according to our best interior designers. Let’s start by pointing out the differences between a modular kitchen and semi-modular kitchen.

A Modular kitchen can be shifted from one apartment to another whereas this is not applicable in the case of a semi-modular kitchen. Hence, the former, although more expensive, is much more convenient than the latter. In the case of semi-modular kitchens, the platform or counter-top is provided by the builder or contractor. The shape and size of the trolleys and the cabinets depend on the distance between the flooring and the counter top. The size of the overhead cabinet does not depend on this factor. They come in a particular standard size.

In the first five days, the contractors and workers make the basic outline of a kitchen.

On the sixth day, the best interior designers are summoned to make a perfect modular kitchen as satisfying homeowners is all that they need to do. Odd jobs like laying of tiles, flooring and that of the electricians are finished within a couple of weeks. The civil workers and the electricians work simultaneously. The construction of windows, ceilings and false ceiling start after that.

After completion of the ceiling and floors and once the laying of tiles is done, the best interior designers start building the modular kitchen. On an average, it takes about a time span of 5 days for the proper completion of the construction of a modular kitchen. Though a couple of days is enough, testing and trial of the newly set-up appliances need more time.

Upgrading from a basic Indian kitchen to a semi-modular kitchen takes about 13 to 17 days.

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