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How Much Does A Corian Solid Surface Cost?

It is our advice to homeowners that it is in their best interest not to judge materials based on their prices. If you do laminate your furniture, it will add up to low home renovation costs. But once the lamination wears off, the marks and scratches are going to stay.

If you are thinking about using stones for some application, high quality, decorative Italian marble is the way to go. It will probably cost about Rs. 1550 or more.

Solid Surface or Corian costs Rs. 750 to Rs. 1350 per sq. ft., sometimes even up to Rs. 1400 per sq ft.

Why does Corian solid have such a wide range of costs?

There are 4 common price ranges based on:

  • Plain colours, the most common being white and cream solid surfaces.

  • Special plain colours, including red, yellow and orange.

  • Solid surface with small grains in it

  • And solid surface with bigger grains

There are also a few colours which fall in a special range of about Rs 1350.

All these prices include the installation costs, which will figure into your total home renovation costs.

The aforementioned prices belong to the material of high standards, for example, of companies like Corian, Tristone, LG hi-mac, and Samsung.

Material that costs half of the above prices, but is of good quality, is also available in local markets. These include solid surfaces imported from China as well as ones made in India. But although they incur low home renovation costs, they do not last as long and are susceptible to stains and spots.

It is better not to take a chance with low-quality material costing Rs. 60 – Rs. 120. A good contractor or designer will always advise against using it.

You can opt for a decorative laminate of low cost in your house in case you wish to save some money. But we must recommend against buying poor quality Corian solid surface, in order to save only about 30% of your money. Instead, pay a little more, and have a good quality home for a lifetime.

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