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How much does a wallpaper cost?

An excellent way to make your room look fabulous when looking for home improvement is getting wall coverings aka wallpapers for your rooms. Walls are the best space to reveal your style and it’s versatility (different colours and patterns available) helps you to choose one as per your need. Wallpaper enhances a room’s décor by adding texture and patterns which are nearly impossible to produce with paint.

Over the previous decade or so, wall coverings have evolved from a simple paper based material to high-quality Vinyl finish material, which makes in its truest form aids in home improvement. They can be surface-printed or screen-printed or can even be done with metals, cement or glass.

Wall Coverings suit best to get a perfect look for your room, without burning a hole in your pockets.

Two weeks back, on a Sunday afternoon, we received a call from a restaurant owner from Delhi who was interested to know about the cost and application of wallpapers. We explained him the needful and also realised that there are a lot more people like him who might need the same explanation. So, here is what we have to say:

Wallpapers come in a standard size of 57 square feet which usually are European and Metric Double rolls.

There is a variety of American Double Rolls as well, which are of 70 square feet each. Due to their rare availability, we majorly use the 57 square feet rolls. The cost of these wallpapers starts from Rs. 4,500/- which goes up till Rs 10,000/- depending on the design, style and brands you select. Since they are available in rolls, the price is set accordingly.

As per the market trends if the price quoted ranges from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 then the cost is inclusive of the material as well as the cost of its application.

If a wall covering/wallpaper you have chosen plain in design we can utilise almost 54 to 55 sq feet of the roll for your wall whereas floral and few other patterns will cover 50 to 52 sq feet. This is because for floral and a few other patterns we have to match the design/ pattern while pasting.

There could be small wastage in matching the pattern.

If you want to make the perfect utilisation of wallpapers, we suggest never use it on all walls. Wallpapers look best when used in a particular wall in a room, to create the ‘highlight effect’. Most preferred wall choices are the one behind the television set or maybe behind the bed or any single wall in the room. Wallpapers can even be placed in the centre of the walls or maybe just ¾th of the wall depending upon your choice.

Don’t wait any further. Send us a query, and let our experts get back to you with the best home improvement and wallpaper choice. Give your room the feel it needs.
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