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How Much Does Paintwork In Delhi Cost?

Delhi, being the capital, grabs the attention of both Indians and foreigners, and the migration rate to this place is actual, alarming. This is the city of fulfilling your dreams and filling colours to your beautiful home in the dream city might turn out to be quite a task, especially for the first timers as there are a couple of decisions to made like, type, colour, cost, etc. Hence we have come to your rescue.

Paint is not as simple as it may seem, and choosing the one best suited for you is the biggest task, for there are a number of variations available, like distemper, lustre, plastic and velvet.

Each type of paint's preference is in accordance with its maintenance, for instance, lustre is the most common for households whereas velvet paint has usually opted for commercial spaces. The reason for such choice of paint is based on its chemical base that decides whether the surfaced can be cleaned with water or not.

Luster, on one hand, is an oil-based paint and velvet on the other is water based, given the chemical base of oil in Luster paints it is easy to wash and clean the walls coated with lustre paint than those painted with velvet paint.

Therefore, to keep your beautiful home look even better, and also to let the paint last, lustre paint is best suited.

A professional painter knows the quintessential seven hands required for properly painting a wall. Several coats of Primer, Putty and the last and most important one that is the colour itself make a complete ‘7 hands.’

The rates for lustre paint in Delhi comes in between Rs 30 to Rs 35 per sq. ft.

To get a quick estimation on how much paint work will be done, you need to multiply your carpet area by 4. For example: If your carpet area is 500 sq. ft. then you need to paint 500 X 4 = 2000 sq. ft. And as per the price quoted to you if the rate per sq. ft. is Rs 30 then the cost of painting would be 30 X 2000 = Rs 60,000.

The above is a rough estimation, but generally, the cost is calculated this way.
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