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How Much Time Does It Take To Apply A Wallpaper?

We heard that you are thinking of putting a putting up wallpaper in your beautiful home. And now since you are too busy in your life with other stuff, we came up with a blog to tell you about how much time is required to set up wallpaper in your home? Here you go:-

The duration will depend on the size of the wall.

For example, if you wish to want it on one wall, then it will take around 1.5-2 hours with a single roll which is 55-57 sq. ft.. This time can extend to 3-5 hours if you want to have an additional element on your wallpaper.

Now the next important thing is that- "Does the wall needs to be finished or wallpaper is direct installed on Plaster of Paris surface?".

And here we are with the answer. If you are getting your wallpaper done or the first time, then your walls need to be partly furnished. The process to apply a wallpaper for you beautiful home includes painting and sanding to the walls along with the addition of POP surface and then primer is used. The above process sets up the base for the wallpaper which is very essential. The wallpaper cannot be created on a POP surface which absorbs water and results in wallpaper not sticking on the wall properly. While Primer does not absorb any water, which helps in sticking the wallpaper to the wall.

In cities like Delhi where many times homes/rooms are small – does it require to have a free open space during wallpaper application process?”

Not really. There will be no need to move the main furniture in front of the wall. The space required will primarily depend on the height of your ceiling. Say, If your ceiling height is 10 feet, then wallpaper professional will need around 10 feet to work. And since the roll cannot be cut from the middle. It's 10 feet continuous roll which is 21″ or 34″ wide.

To install, we spread the roll on the ground, apply the adhesive and stick it to the wall, and it's done.
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