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How not to Renovate Home for Indian Home Owners

Lets assume you are one of the Indian Home Owners who is wanting to redesign your Home. Here is how one might go about it-

Step 1)

Search for Contractors

Alternative 1) you definitely know some Contractor


Alternative 2) you will begin conversing with your companions and Colleagues


Alternative 3) you will bounce to just dial and quickr of the universes to discover temporary workers

Step 2)

You will begin requesting Estimate

You will welcome one or more Contractors to your home. Clarify him every one of the issues and necessities. Contractual worker will take estimations and give you Estimate.

Step 3)

Selection of Contractor

You will judge Contractor by his Estimate. Less expensive the Estimate more appealing it looks.

Step 4)

Visit Site or see pictures

Step 5)


You will consult on the gauge. You will request x percent markdown. Contractual worker will in the end consent to give x – y rebate.


When Contractor begins the venture you will begin smaller scale overseeing things. Arrangements will be changed, costlier materials will be purchases, planning will take a backseat as prompt decision making comes into play.

In the meantime, one comes to realize a lot of things have changed from what was planned and it might also get a little tight on the pockets.

Between, you likewise understand that you had tight spending plan to begin with. Presently towards the end of the venture, you don't have adequate assets to finish the venture. You defer the installments. That in the end defers the work promote.

You again begin discovering a few blames in Contractor. You begin understanding the you have overcompensated the redesign work.

A decent Contractor has experienced this circumstance 100s of times, he attempted his level best to control change demands, spending plan, time – yet there is point of confinement to what he can do.

Contractual worker tries to drive the venture in best way and finishes the work. Of course now you have way better looking washroom or kitchen yet a normal looking room. You see the monetary allowance didn't get utilized legitimately. You needed those costlier tiles.

At any rate, you have spent lakhs of rupees. You are left with minor acid reflux. You have a home which is not as were what you expected in starting. However now you will keep on living in it for quite a long time to come.

We work with best of Contractors. We know them by and by. They are good to the point that we would procure them actually to remodel or repair our homes.

They are magnificent in their work. Be that as it may, regardless they face such issues.

We concentrated such agony focuses and made a rundown of it. At that point we began asking these Contractors questions like -

  • what could have made things simple ?

  • What could have given better result ?

  • What could have burned through cash proficiently ?

Utilizing such criticism we have begun "HomeZop Design Service"

Our Home Interior Design benefit does 3 things at an abnormal state:

1) comprehends prerequisites

  • how you need your home to look

  • how you need utilize space inside home

  • what amount would you like to spend

2) specialized drawings

  • a reasonable guide

  • a finish designing of all work that will happen in your home

  • format, shading plan, flooring design (tiles and marble rock setting), false roof format, electric format – with legend ( switchboard points of interest) etc

3) Estimates and BOQ

  • definite and organized gauge that helps you think about and procure temporary worker

  • a detail rundown of all the material that you or your contractual worker will purchase for your home

We charge Rs 12,000 and this will help you spend each and every rupee on your remodel all the more productively.

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