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How Should One Choose Their Interior Designer?

We have often been asked for tips and tricks to choosing the best interior design in New Delhi.

While we should probably be your first choice (winks), but it is still important for you to have some tips on how to choose the perfect designer for your home!

Your first solution is a reference. An interior designer recommended by someone you know or your someone from your family should be your first choice, as there is some faith you will place in this person even before working with him or her. Most interior designers, if their work has been done well and satisfactorily, will be recommended by their clients.

Moreover, these people can also provide you with examples of the designer’s work in their very own homes for reference!

References are, thus, easier than hunting for designers in the market. Yet, if you find yourself drawing a blank and willing to try out different people, you can have a word with them and look at their portfolios for reference. They may also be able to show you their previous work sites, and you may be able to find yourself the perfect choice! However, don’t be afraid of asking around more before you make a final decision

If you are willing to spend a lot of money on home renovation
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