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How Should Small Flats Get Their Home Designed?

Small flats in India are far more difficult to renovate on a small budget than larger flats. This is because you don’t only lack space, there are also often budget constraints stopping people from hiring interior designers and contractors who may know the practice of interior design and home renovation better than a novice.

More problems that you may face are:

  • Confusion in buying materials. It’s not easy to tell quality building material apart from low-quality junk, especially by a novice.

  • The fear of not doing something right forces you to not be able to take the risk at all.

  • There is no faith in sellers as you are being acquainted with them the first time and you can’t trust them easily.

When you start talking to Contractors – soon you realise that everyone uses different format of Estimate. QUotes are different & since there is not much description inside estimate, you have no idea whom to trust.

Moreover, when you do talk to contractors, you shall realise all of them have different estimated budgets for your house. All of them shall present you with different quotas and all quotas cannot be explained in depth, which shall make it harder for you to trust these contractors.

Then, you think of relying on the internet. You look at DIY interior design ideas and find many, but when you come to doing them you realise the end result is far different from what it was supposed to be.

Moreover, there are so many ideas you don’t even know which one to choose.

The problem also lies in the fact that homeowners often don’t know how much to spend on what article, and a lot of their choices are highly influenced by salesmen who are only pushing for profit. Therefore, it is not easy to know what is correct for you.

Therefore, after talking to several people who were dipping their toes in interior designing, we have combined several articles to help them out with the process such that they have someplace
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