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How to avoid delays in renovation projects?

Renovation of a 1BHK apartment doesn’t usually take longer than three months. However, in many cases, it has been seen that renovation projects extend by more than a year’s time. Here is a home renovation guide for homeowners to help them be aware of possibilities that can lead to a delay in renovation work, and some tips to avoid them.

Our home renovation guide offers a few reasons for the delay in home renovation projects:

  • Deficiency in decision making - Some people tend to change their minds over and over again during renovation projects. Changing plans like a change in tiles, paints, designs, lead to both delay in work as well as add unnecessary expenses since this delay adds to labour cost and material cost. To avoid this, homeowners should always discuss it with their family and make a few final decisions before starting a renovation project. Plus, it is always better to consider all wish list items before choosing the final one so that it saves you both time and added cost, and the project isn’t delayed.

  • It is a great idea to make a scrapbook with your choice of colours, furniture and design layout to help the professional understand how she or he needs to do to make your home look beautiful.

  • Miscommunication - Miscommunication and also the lack of communication and understanding among homeowners, contractors, interior designers, hired professionals, material dealers and the workers is one of the major causes for delay in renovation projects. Everyone should convey their ideas, plans and doubts clearly so that the professionals do not take it for granted that the homeowner is aware of things which have not been discussed.

  • Delay in payment - Delay in payment to contractors and dealers can cause a delay in supply and thereby delay in renovation work.

  • Society rules and regulations - Objections by Society and other fellow apartment members can cause a delay, too. If a homeowner wants to change the planning of a room or build a partition wall, society approval is necessary. The room structure might not be able to bear extra load or have a support wall broken. To know if such changes can be made, the society has to be made aware of, and it has to give its approval and permission to the homeowner. This way last minute objections and delays can be avoided.

In our home renovation guide, we would also like to suggest ways by which delays in renovation can be avoided.

  • It is always a good plan to hire a known professional. Friends and relatives who have gone through a renovation before, their suggestions about what questions to ask and what to know, their recommendations, can all be of great help. It can avoid delays greatly.

  • Having regular meetings with your hired professional, even a check-in through a phone call can minimise delays. Regular meetings can also make homeowners aware of the entire process, or if any changes have to be made, or if there would be any delays on the professional’s part.

  • A site visit can also be of great help for the homeowner to be aware of the renovation process and enquire about the work.

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