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How to Brighten your Bathrooms with Lights?

Lighting plays a very important role in the modern interior design. Both too much light and too little light can harm the eyes of the homeowners. The lamps and the tube lights that are used for lighting are mostly differentiated by their outputs which are measured in lumens.

The most suitable CFL for the bathroom is the one whose output lies between 11 watts to 18 watts. Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) is an energy saving and compact fluorescent tube. They were primarily designed so that they could replace incandescent lights. When compared to a normal incandescent light, a CFL uses lesser amount of energy but does not compromise on the light i.e. it throws a similar amount of light but in less power. For e.g. an 18 watt CFL throws light that is equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent light.

In a modern scenario when with modern interior designs, LED’s have replaced the CFL’s in most places whether it is home or offices. It is quite common for the homeowners to opt for LED for their interior designs ideas. However, most of the homeowners buy the LEDs without keeping themselves informed. They are not aware that what watt LED should they buy or at what places will it be installed? Many homeowners who want extra light in their bathrooms go for a 36 watt LED in the bathrooms.

It is beyond the requirement and the standard lighting. An 18 watt LED light is more than sufficient.

How many watts used is more important than the number of tube/lamps used.

Many homeowners believe in quantity and not quality, therefore, they opt for more number of lights in the bathroom. This is not actually what matters. It is the watts that make the main difference. For e.g. if the homeowners get four lights installed in the bathroom with 1-watt power each, the bathroom will remain dim even if all the lights are switched on. On the other hand, if he gets four lights of 5-watt power installed in each the bathroom, it will get too bright and cause inconvenience.

There are different ways to light up the bathroom correctly using lights of different watts. The most desired style is using acrylic sheets where the light is hidden above it and lights up the entire bathroom.
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